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Top 5 Team Building Ideas and Tips

By October 1, 2018 Corporate No Comments

Team building activity at Snowplanet

1. Get your team out of the office.

A typical office is full of distractions in the form of phone calls, emails and interruptions from customers, suppliers, and other staff. These distractions can hinder effective team building If you can take people away from their normal working environment, it allows them to create a mental separation where they are more open to changing ideas and behavior patterns.

2. Plan what you want to achieve from your team building day.

group race team building for corporate groups.
To get the most out of team building activities, you need to have clear goals and a plan to reach them. Typical teamĀ goals may involve teaching people the importance of assigned roles within a team; getting each member to focus on completing their assigned role. And most importantly trusting the other team members to complete theirs.

Team Activities trust building corporate group


3. Make your team building intense.

Teams bond by spending time together, but you can speed up the process by creating more intense experiences. You can see this in the bonds that are formed by soldiers at war, or sports teams. Remember to factor into the equation the age and physical shape of your team members. What is easy for some may be pushing the limits for others.



4. Feed your team.

It doesn’t hurt to find a venue that can provide a meal and a drink at the completion of your session. Consider it part of the team building. If your activity has been successful, your team will have plenty to talk about.

5. Don’t forget to make your team building fun.

Team building activities snow games montage.

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