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Project Update – October

Winter Wonderland Southern Wall

Almost complete

Wall décor / Skinning of the snow dome
You will have noticed the vast majority of the Southern wall and all of the top wall within the snow dome has now been themed. As mentioned in previously we now need to bring in scaffolding to finish the remaining panels. This work will commence today Monday 14th October, as soon as schools start back which means the Southern lift will be closed from Monday 14th October until 4pm on Friday 18th October.
On Monday 21st September we will start the wall décor on the Northern wall, meaning that for the next few weeks the Northern lift will be closed each day until 3pm.

Winter Wonderland
The steel footings that our facades will be attached to are nearing completion. This means in the next week or so we can start the main installation and start attaching the facades that will form the Alpine village part of the Winter Wonderland. Many of you will have noticed the diggers at the facility, we are using this opportunity to refresh the snow. Therefore every night we are making new snow; there are a few bare patches and there is still residue in the snow but this will be minimised as we go through this process, we are already experiencing a firmer and faster surface.

Many of you will have noticed a lot of changes going on in our Rentals department. We are trying to create more space for more equipment, easier and faster access and better comfort for customers. Part of this project requires an upgrade to the flooring in the Rentals department, which will mean it can’t be walked on for around 24 hours after installation. This means that we will be closed to the public on Tuesday 22nd October (after the Auckland Primary School Championships) and stay closed for the entire day on Wednesday 23rd October too.

We have no other option than to close as we are unable to provide access to the snow without going through the Rentals department. In total the Rental floor with take three nights to lay but we will concentrate on laying the walkway from Reception to the snow dome first so that we can open to the public on Thursday 24th October.

We apologise for any disruption caused, we feel it is essential to remain open and only close the facility when we have absolutely no choice.

The Snowplanet Team.


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  • George Jennings says:

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