We will reopen at Level 2 at 10:00 am Sunday 7th March


Mon, Tues, Thurs: 12:00PM – 9:00PM
Wed: 12:00PM – 4:00PM
Fri: 10:00AM – Midnight
Sat – Sun: 10:00AM – 10:00 PM

Visiting Snowplanet

Due to Government restrictions at Level 2, we will open with additional measures to ensure you all keep safe and well while visiting us. We are committed to opening Snowplanet in a safe and meaningful way that meets the requirements set out by the Government for this level. This will mean working together to make sure we all stay safe and well.

Currently, this means at Level 2 …

Up to 100 people can go on the snow at a time. We can also accommodate 100 in our restaurant. Both these numbers include Snowplanet personnel. as this is a limit on our normal capacity, we might not be able to accommodate everybody to ensure that we adhere to these limits. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience during these times.

To maintain social distancing, we aks that you help us by keeping to the required Level 2 distance (1 meter, and where possible up to 2 meters) between you and others while at Snowplanet.

Please continue to use the Covid-19 Tracer app or sign in when you get to Snowplanet. Your information remains confidential and will not be used but may be given to the Ministry of Health for contact tracing purposes.

Once you are inside please be patient as we do our best to make your visit to Snowplanet an enjoyable experience.

Wellbeing and Contact Tracing

We are back at level 1, but we still need to stay vigilant. We have the Covid-19 QR code up and ask our customers to continue using the Government Covid-19 tracing app upon entering. If you are sick, we ask you to stay at home until you are well.


What will you see when you get inside?

Our spaces are now back to normal, with no additional barriers and social distancing rules. You can now enter 7 Summits restaurant with no restrictions on group numbers and our capacity levels on the snow are now also back to normal levels.



With the change in COVID-19 levels, we may have times where the resort may be busier than it has been during level 2. Please be patient while we work to aid everyone visiting.


Our Staff

Even at level one, our whole team remains ready and safe and will continue to maintain a high level of control to assist in keeping all our visitors safe and well. We will do this by;
All of our staff have been fully trained in the processes to follow at level 1 and have signed off on our Covid-19 toolboxes
Staff have been advised to stay home if they are sick
Staff will follow exemplary personal hygiene
All staff will assist in maintaining a clean and hygienic site
We monitor our staff well-being and track using the NZ Covid Tracer app, all staff who have worked on any specific day.

If you do not already have the NZ Covid Tracer App you can install it below:

If you need to get in touch;

  • Directly using the email info@snowplanet.co.nz we will get back to you as soon as we can
  • Via this website. A number of our pages have contact forms specific to the products and services being browsed
  • Via Facebook. Our Snowplanet Facebook page is continuously monitored and should be answered within hours of your posting
  • You can also contact us on 0800 SNOWPLANET but please be patient as our phone lines will be extremely busy

We have also received a number of common questions, so have created a Covid-19 Level 1 FAQ section below. As we receive more queries, we will update our FAQ section accordingly.

Covid-19 Level 1 FAQs:

What will happen to our existing Bookings?

Anyone with prior bookings that have been affected, we will contact you to allow you to rebook.


What will happen to our Private Lessons?

If you have already booked a lesson that could not be taken whilst were shut, we will contact you to allow you to rebook.


What will happen to Birthday Parties we have booked?

If you have already booked a birthday party that could not be taken whilst we were shut, we will contact you to allow you to rebook or offer a refund on what you have paid.


What will happen if we are currently enrolled in a Term Program?

If you are enrolled in any of our Term School, After School, 365 Race or 365 Freestyle programs that could not be taken whilst were closed we will contact you.