Fundraiser Requests

Privacy Policy

Snowplanet has it’s own fundraising product. We would like to support all requests but are unable to do so therefore the following outlines Snowplanet’s fundraising guidelines.

What We Offer

Snowplanet offers a “Fundraising” product to all clubs, societies, church groups and charities to allow them to raise a reasonable quantity of money quite quickly without the hassle or planning whilst participating in a club-based activity and having fun.

Benefits To Clubs

  • Easy to organize – we do the planning and there is no need to ask for sponsors or donations
  • Easy to administer – we do the implementation and there is no need to promote or thank sponsors
  • Quick returns – you just turn up, have fun with your club and get a return on everyone that visited

How It Works

  • We offer you a concession to encourage you, your members and friends to visit Snowplanet
  • We arrange this for a particular time-slot
  • You commit to a minimum number of your club to turn up.  This is typically 100, but you can bring more
  • We provide you with the tickets for you to sell that are redeemed at the door on the night
  • Everyone that visits also goes into a draw to win a prize
  • We credit a lump sum of the proceeds after the visit


  • All requests will be reviewed by the Sales & Marketing Team on the 1st of each month
  • All decisions regarding applications will be notified via email within 7 days.
  • Once the booking is confirmed we will invoice you for a minimum of 100 people, we then require payment and once payment is received we will then send you the tickets to start selling for your event.