The Hulk

Friday 26th – Saturday 27th October – Super Park

26-17 SUPER PARK - The Hulk
*Image is not to exact scale. Features may be removed or added at Snowplanet’s discretion. We will keep the terrain park images as up-to-date as possible.

Park Features:

  • 5ft Jump (Easy)
  • Street Rail (Difficult)
  • Mean Green Street Rail (Difficult)
  • Long PVC (Intermediate)
  • Butter Box (Easy)
  • Ride On Box Box #7 (Easy)

Helmets are compulsory for all skiers and snowboarders in the Snow Dome. If you do not have a helmet, you must hire one for $6.

In addition to all Snow Pass prices (including Combos), you may also need a Snowplanet RFID card to access the lifts and ski mat in the Snow Dome.  A deposit of $6 is charged for this RFID card. Please keep the card for future use or return it for a full refund.

We encourage you to buy online to avoid queues when paying; otherwise you can purchase your ticket at Snowplanet on arrival.

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Comments and Feedback.

We would like your constructive feedback on this terrain park so that we can make any changes that we see fit. Popular terrain parks may be repeated at another date.


  • Robbie Bryant says:

    Hey there

    A thought on the terrain parks: would be awesome if there was a good mix between jumps and rails. In this current one there is only one small jump. At least two jumps (best case three – an expert one should always be included) provides a better balance I think and opens it up to more people.

    Hope that helps

  • I’m not sure if you guys understand the meaning of super……… 6 features is not super…. super average maybe….. super shit probably. What happened to snow planet! you guys used to have 10+ features on a Friday night, I’m disappointed, to say the least. The amount of people riding park at snow planet has plummeted thanks to this pitiful park.

    • Hi Former Snowplanet Rider,
      Thanks for voicing your opinion and letting us know how you feel.
      We place a lot of emphasis on our terrain park however we do have a lot of other products on offer at Snowplanet. Many of our customers would like to see it disappear all together. Therefor we have a balancing act when it comes ensuring that everyone’s needs are met.
      We hope you will enjoy the park we put in on the 9th November. After that, Santa arrives at Snowplanet and ‘Super’ parks will be taking a rest until after Christmas
      Thanks Snowplanet

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