Snowplanet is open at Level 2.

Snowplanet is now open at Level 2. Due to Government restrictions at Level 2 we are open with additional measures to ensure you all keep safe and well while visiting us.

We are committed to opening Snowplanet in a safe and meaningful way that meets the requirements set out by the Government for this level. This means working together to make sure we all stay safe and well.

Currently this means at Level 2…

Up to 100 people can go on the snow at a time.  We can also accommodate 100 in our restaurant.  Both these numbers include Snowplanet personnel.

To maintain social distancing, we have set up barriers and marked out our floors to help you keep safe during your visit. We ask that you help us by keeping to the required Level 2 distance (1 meter, and where possible up to 2 meters) between you and others while at Snowplanet.

We are required to keep contact tracing data of everyone who visits Snowplanet. A Snowplanet employee will ask you to provide your details before you will be able to enter Snowplanet.  This information remains confidential, it will not be used for any other purpose.

Your details may however be requested by the Ministry of Health if someone is tested as having Covid-19 and visited Snowplanet the same time as you.

At the front entrance

We have created walkways at our entrance, please check which one best describes your visit to Snowplanet;

  1. – For access to our Restaurant
  2. – For those who have everything they need to access the snow
  3. – For those that will need to purchase something like a pass, rental gear etc.

These walkways are designed to help you maintain physical distancing.

Contact Tracing

To ensure we keep track of everyone entering Snowplanet we are contact tracing everyone before you enter through our front doors. We are collecting this information just in case someone is diagnosed with Covid-19 and they attended Snowplanet in line with Government guidelines.

If you have a QR code reader installed on your phone, you can save some time and scan the code and enter in your details yourself;

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email
  • Your Street Address
  • What you are visiting (Snow, Snow & Restaurant, Restaurant)
  • Date of visit
  • Time of visit

Everyone in your group will need to be contact traced individually.

Once you are inside

Going to the Restaurant

Please keep to the walkway to the restaurant. One of our team will greet you. You and your group will be taken to your table. Groups are to be no larger than 10 people, this changes to 100 people on Friday 29th May at 1:00pm.

Your group will be provided disposable menus and service will be provided at your tables. There will be no counter service at the bar.

Going to the snow
Customer Service and Rentals:

You will need to line up at the front counter to collect your passes and other items. Please continue to apply physical distancing.

If you need to rent equipment and to put on clothing you will be directed to a change pod or room by one of our team. The change pods are spaced to allow physical distancing. We also have four private change rooms. Please ask at the counter if you would prefer a change room or pod. You may have to wait at a change pod before being served by one of our rentals team.

We encourage you to rent one of our lockers to store your belongings and keep them safe and sanitary while you are on the snow. To help you with this, we have them available to rent for only $2.00 per locker.

Members with your own equipment and snow gear:

If you are a member and have all your gear, including a valid RFID card, you can make your way to the snow following our access walkways. You will need to access the express lane rather than going straight onto the snow. If you are unsure please ask a team member for assistance. You will still need to have signed in at the front entrance.

On the Snow

We have signage up reminding you to keep physical distancing. Please follow these instructions for the health and well-being of everyone.

Once a session is over, please make your way back to Rentals. Please be patient as other people get changed, we will help you through this process as much as possible.

Please be patient as we do our best to make your visit to Snowplanet an enjoyable experience.

Opening Hours and Session Times

Snowplanet will be open for 4 days a week to begin with, we are working to be open more often as soon as possible. Each session is 2-hrs, with a 1-hr break between sessions to clean and sanitise the facility. Our opening hours are subject to change, depending on Covid-19 levels or any advice we receive from the Government.

5:00pm – 10:00pm | 2 Sessions

Session Times:
5:00pm – 7:00pm | 8:00pm – 10:00 pm


10:00am – 9:00pm | 4 Sessions

Session Times:
10:00am – 12:00pm | 1:00pm – 3:00pm | 4:00pm – 6:00pm | 7:00pm – 9:00pm

If you need to get in touch;

  • Directly using the email , in which you will get a personal response within 48 hours
  • Via this website. A number of our pages have contact forms specific to the products and services being browsed. Again, you will get a personal response within 48 hours
  • Via Facebook. Our Snowplanet Facebook page is continuously monitored and should be answered within hours of you posting

We are also receiving a number of common questions, so have created a Covid-19 FAQ section below. As we receive more queries, we will update our FAQ section accordingly.

Covid-19 FAQs:

What will happen to our existing Memberships?
Memberships will be extended 10 weeks to take into account the duration of the closure and limited opening during Level 2. You don’t need to do anything. We will do it automatically when you next visit.

What will happen to our Private Lessons?
If you have already booked a lesson that could not be taken whilst we were shut, we will contact you to allow you to rebook. This process has already started and will continue at Level 2.

What will happen to Birthday Parties we have booked?
If you have already booked a birthday party that could not be taken whilst we were shut, we will contact you to allow you to rebook or offer a refund on what you have paid.

What will happen to those who have booked into the April School Holiday Program?
The April School Holiday program did not go ahead, so we will contact you to offer you a full credit into either the July or September Holiday program. If you cannot make either of those, we will offer a full refund. See below if you purchased your April School Holiday program via GrabOne or Groupon.

What will happen to the balance of our Term Programs?
If you were enrolled in any of our Term School, After School, 365 Race or 365 Freestyle programs we will subtract that balance from the next program you enrol in. If you are unable to enrol in another program, we will offer you a pro rata credit for you to use against any Snowplanet product you wish.

What will happen to unused vouchers from GrabOne, BookMe and Groupon?
Memberships: if you have purchased a Membership, your membership will not start until you come into Snowplanet and activate it, so your purchase is safe.

Holiday Program: the April School Holiday program did not go ahead, so you can use your voucher as a credit to the July or September Holiday program. If you cannot make either of those, please write to GrabOne or Groupon and ask for a refund.

Day and Day Pass Combos: for all Individual and Family Day Passes, Combos and Lessons with an expiry date of 9th April, we will automatically extend these passes 30 days from the date we re-open to the public at Level 1.

Birthday Parties: if you have booked a birthday party that couldn’t be taken while we were shut, we will allow you to rebook when we reopen to the public or offer a refund on what you have paid.

All other passes: for all other products and passes that were booked via Groupon or BookMe and scheduled for whilst we were shut, please contact Groupon or BookMe and ask for a refund or an extension.