ChristmasChristmas drinks at Snowplanet

1. Organised Christmas Party Activities.

When you provide your staff with activities, you can make your Christmas Function so much more memorable than just a dinner out. Quality activities will cater to people of all ages and athletic abilities. They create a talking point for the rest of the evening and beyond that can help people bond over something other than work. Providing activities can also reduce heavy drinking if you choose to serve alcohol at your function.

2. Quality Catering.

New Zealand is now a multicultural society, and you need to be able to cater to people of all faiths, vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free, as well as feeding the carnivores in your team. Choose a restaurant or caterer that can cook a traditional Christmas Dinner but also provide meal options for those who can’t indulge in the ham.

3. A Well Stocked Bar

It is Christmas after all, and many of your staff will judge the Christmas party on the drinks you serve. If you can find a venue that can serve traditional Christmas drinks such as egg nog or mulled wine that is great. But at the very least you should aim for a venue with a selection of beers and wines as well as some exotic cocktails. It is important to make sure you set clear ground rules with the bar staff and your team as to what they can order.

4. A Strong Christmas Theme.

You can have a party any time of the year. Christmas is a little bit special so make sure your function has a strong Christmas theme. Christmas decorations and crackers on the tables will go a long way, and a little bit of snow can help create a white Christmas theme. Your staff will appreciate the effort.

5. Provide Transport to and from your Christmas Function Venue.

It is best to get your staff to meet at a central point and provide a bus to the venue. Having everyone arrive together helps you create more of a sense of occasion. The bus ride back can provide a cooling-off period after leaving the Christmas Party Venue for anyone who has overindulged. Make sure you ask staff to carpool or provide taxis for those who have had too much to drink.

Comments & feedback.

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