Birthday partiesKids celebrating a birthday party at Snowplanet

1. No mess in your house.

No one likes cake trampled into the carpet or Fanta spilled on a white sofa. Keep the kids, and the mess out of your house and have your child’s birthday party in our purpose built party venue.

2. You get to enjoy the day instead of doing the work.

We have all spent a whole morning setting up and decorating the house, removing all the breakables, then spent the entire party cooking sausage rolls, filling drinks, cleaning plates and picking up discarded items of food from random spots around the house. Then spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up and surveying the damage. When you make your kids party venue SnowPlanet, you can relax and enjoy the day while our staff do all the work.

3. Set start and end times.

Who hasn’t had a birthday party where one on more children turn up an hour early? Or worse yet, the party is over. All you want is some peace and quiet, but someone is running late and doesn’t pick their child up until an hour after the party was supposed to end. When you have your birthday party at an external venue parents tend to treat it more like school pick up than a play date and turn up on time.

4. No worries about the weather.

Not every child has a birthday in the middle of summer. Often you want to invite more children to your party than you comfortably fit inside. It’s fine if the weather is good and you can use the yard as well. But what if it rains? All those kids inside your house for the entire time. No Thanks. With a SnowPlanet party, you don’t have to worry about the weather. It’s the same all year round.

5. There is no stress.

When you remove all of the issues above you also remove the stress. You know the weather can’t spoil your plan, You don’t have to worry about people turning up early, there is no mess and SnowPlanet staff do the work for you, our restaurant 7 Summits can cater all the food, or you can bring your own. So relax and enjoy your kid’s party.

6. It’s more fun than having a party at home.

Regardless of the age of your children, we know they will have a good time at SnowPlanet. It’s great fun for all ages

Kids birthday party at Snowplanet

Create happy memories for your family with a birthday party at Snowplanet.

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