Ladies Ski Racing


365 Ladies Group

Term 4, 2019
Thursday 24th October – 5th December (7 Weeks)

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In addition to all the athlete training prices below, you may also need a Snowplanet RFID card to access the lifts and ski mat in the Snow Dome.  A deposit of $6 is charged for this RFID card. Please keep the card for future use (duration of the program) or return it for a full refund.

Helmets are compulsory for all skiers and snowboarders in the Snow Dome. If you do not have a helmet, you must hire one for $6.

Women only training programs

This is the ideal training opportunity for all those ski racer mums who want some time to focus on themselves yet still be able to keep up with their kids! Join us in our women only morning training sessions where we will focus on drills and technique. With our fabulous coaches and winning techniques you are sure to be zipping down the mountain with confidence.
At this stage it is only available to skiers with a intermediate to advanced ski level (Not ideal for beginners).

  • 2 hours of training each week (school term only)
  • Thursday (9:30am – 11:30am)

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Program Prices 2019

Full Payment
Full Payment
Term 1 (9 Weeks)
7 Feb - 4 Apr
(10% off with full payment)
(10% off with full payment)
Term 2 (8 Weeks)
2 May - 27 Jul
(10% off with full payment)
(10% off with full payment)
Term 3 (8 Weeks)
1 Aug - 26 Sept
(10% off with full payment)
(10% off with full payment)
Term 4 (7 Weeks)
24 Oct - 5 Dec
(10% off with full payment)
(10% off with full payment)

*An additional 2.50 Processing Fee applies to each program



  • By signing up to a full payment you receive 10% off the full price. Discount only applies to full term payments no partial term payments.
  • Members include: Year, Half Year & Family Membership holders.
  • All fees must be paid prior to first session and are non-refundable.
  • Minimum numbers per program and groups apply.
  • Make up sessions only apply due to sickness or illness. Please contact to lodge a missed session.
  • Maximum of 2 make up sessions per term are allowed, with 1 carried over to the next term.
  • Photos and videos of your children might be taken during a session and used on Social Media, if you do not agree to this please contact
  • Snowplanet is not responsible for any injury that occurs during the use of our facility.

Drop in sessions
For those who wish to come on a casual basis and not commit to a weekly training session you can join in at a drop in rate of: Non-Members $60 per session | Members $50 per session

For full T&C’s please see the registration form.

For bookings and enquiries: | 0800 Snowplanet | Call Now