We have a selection of retail available at Snowplanet

Mons Royale available at Snowplanet

Keep warm while you enjoy our snow dome.

Here at Snowplanet we aim to cater to your basic retail snow needs, from items that keep you warm to items that keep you dry and safe, with options for all ages and in a range of colours.

Keep warm this winter


Kids Socks from $6.99
Adults Socks from $7.99
Kids Thermals from $39.99

Stop the wind this winter


Fleece-wear from $16.99
Neck warmers from $24.99*
Balaclava from $49.99

Wrap up with winter layers


Kids Gloves from $24.99
Adults Gloves from $29.99

Keep safe this winter


Kids Helmets from $69.99
Adult Helmets from $99.99

Helmet Covers


Helmet Covers from $24.99
Hand warmers from $5.99
Wax from $39.99


Toys from $16.99
Reusable coffee Cups from $9.99

For more information either give us a call or come in and have a look at what we have to offer! Call Now | (09) 427 0044