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Pre-NIPS laid it down on Saturday!

Challenger Cup 2019

Whoa there was some fierce competition last Saturday at the Pre-NIPS Challenger cup, congratulations to everyone who took part. We can’t wait to see it all go down at Ruapheu and see how the results stack up.


Saturday 3rd August 2019
Snowplanet Northern Slope Temperature: – 4C
Chief of Race: Josh Edwards
Time Keeper: Duane Barakat


See below for full results!

Years 1-4 Girls SKI

RankBib #NameSchoolRun 1Run 2Total
18Anna YuanDiocesan School for Girls17.7018.4136.11
27Allegra SmithVauxhall Primary School19.2419.9039.14
314Constance MasonBayfield Primary School19.3820.1339.51
49Hannah NelsonMarist School Herne Bay19.8621.4041.26
52Sienna MeikleMilford Primary School20.2421.6041.84
66Mia MeikleMilford Primary School22.0621.9644.02
715Alexia LiuSt Cuthberts22.6523.8046.45
81Rachel NelsonMarist School Herne Bay22.8523.8846.73
911Lola BichenoFicino School24.3223.6948.01
105Amelia HuangSt Cuthberts24.5624.9949.55
113Mikaela TopolskyBelmont Primary School26.0326.3752.40
1216Emma HuangFicino School26.3626.8553.21
1310Arna LiangSt Cuthberts26.8328.0654.89
144Ruby BichenoFicino School31.9331.2163.14

Years 1-4 Boys SKI

RankBib #NameSchoolRun 1Run 2Total
127Kingsley ChenSunnynook Primary School18.0519.0537.10
225Aiden HaoFicino School18.3619.2337.59
328Jack BentleyKristin School19.6219.5539.17
424Matteo HazelwoodBayfield Primary School20.4920.6141.10
523Ethan TangCampbells Bay Primary School19.8821.7441.62
629Taylor HaoCockle Bay Primary School21.2921.1742.46
721Daniel WangKristin School20.5222.0942.61
822Jimmy SuttonPonsonby Primary School25.9527.8553.80
930Jayden DengCockle Bay Primary School29.4728.8858.35
1020Jack CraddockPonsonby Primary School68.8419.0987.93

Years 5-6 Girls SKI

RankBib #NameSchoolRun 1Run 2Total
142Grace ThomsonVictoria Avenue School18.2818.9937.27
243Sienna McCaughanBayfield Primary School18.3219.1437.46
341Caroline KennarBayfield Primary School19.3920.0939.48
440Alexandra CharlesworthWestmere Primary School19.4820.2539.73
544Meg BrewVictoria Avenue School19.8021.0640.86

Years 5-6 Boys SKI

RankBib #NameSchoolRun 1Run 2Total
154Tom PilkingtonHelensville Primary School16.5517.4133.96
258Magnus MacleanBayfield Primary School17.1717.8034.97
360Joshua GowingWestmere Primary School17.8817.5835.46
450Rowan PhillipsMeadowbank School17.6918.0935.78
552Roman OrlowskiKings School17.8718.5436.41
655Max SuttonPonsonby Primary School18.3418.4236.76
765Adam HuBrowns Bay School18.4818.5136.99
859Jamie BargeryBayfield Primary School18.2518.9737.22
964Ben MasonBayfield Primary School18.9519.2338.18
1061Marco HazelwoodBayfield Primary School19.3419.3638.70
1151Dylan LordWestmere Primary School19.9619.7539.71
1253Zack DunphyPonsonby Primary School20.2120.2640.47
1357Nelsen MeachamPonsonby Primary School21.3721.2142.58
1456Henry CoopWestmere Primary School22.3822.9845.36
1562Quinn ZhangBrowns Bay School23.3423.5346.87
1663Jarvis CowperFicino School28.8127.3956.20

Years 7-8 Girls SKI

RankBib #NameSchoolRun 1Run 2Total
171Phoebe DobsonTakapuna Normal Intermediate School16.9216.6433.56
275Molly CharlesworthSt Cuthberts17.4117.9735.38
372Zoe HuangAuckland Normal Intermediate School18.2719.1837.45
470Carmen SelbyTakapuna Normal Intermediate School18.8818.9437.82
574Tayla CoplestoneTakapuna Normal Intermediate School19.7319.1238.85

Years 7-8 Boys SKI

RankBib #NameSchoolRun 1Run 2Total
183Ashton McCaughanSt Kentigern Boy’s School16.5117.1133.62
281Isaac PhillipsRemuera Intermediate17.0117.2734.28
384Jack BrewRemuera Intermediate17.7518.4936.24
487Dylan HendersonMurrays Bay Intermediate18.3118.5036.81
580Oliver McGeeRosmini College18.7419.1737.91
686Nathaniel BrownMurrays Bay Intermediate19.1018.9838.08
797Sam WilsonMurrays Bay Intermediate20.0420.4040.44
885Mackenzie James-SmithRosmini College21.1920.9842.17
982Benjamin DobbsRosmini College21.3021.4342.73
1088Harry NoonanRosmini College22.1022.3744.47

Open Boys SNB

RankBib #NameSchoolRun 1Run 2Total
194Carlo EibleBayfield Primary School27.4327.7855.21
295Max ChristieBayfield Primary School37.9034.3772.27
96Winston BracewellBayfield Primary SchoolDNSDNSDNS
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