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2021 Slopestyle

May 22nd Event Results

Last Saturday we held a Slopestyle competition at Snowplanet. The format was 3 runs, best 1 counts.


AWAY Global donated $400 in cash prizes to the winners of the open divisions.

Ballistics Wake & Snow donated a great number of prizes.


The event was a complete success with over 40 participants!

See below for the results, we’ll post photos from the event and prize-giving on our Facebook page. Be sure to like, share and tag those you recognize!


Saturday 22nd May 2021
Snowplanet Slope Temperature: – 4C


Ski Girls

  1. Alissa Lang (AWAY)
  2. Rachel Nelson

Ski Boys

  1. Clovis Wang (AWAY)
  2. Ricky Shang (AWAY)
  3. Kyler Xu

Snowboard Boys

  1. Jimmy Zhang
  2. Oscar Liu (AWAY)
  3. Raymond Zhang (AWAY)


Ski Girls

  1. Michaela Bridgens
  2. Cici Tang (AWAY)
  3. Hannah Nelson

Snowboard Boys

  1. William Tran (AWAY)
  2. Brodie Bamford
  3. Austin Deleuw


Ski Girls

  1. Mischa Thomas
  2. Scarlett Marlo
  3. Lily Thomson

Ski Boys

  1. Finley Melville Ives
  2. Luke Harrold
  3. Liam Richards

Snowboard Girls

  1. Lucia Georgalli
  2. Sarah Zhao (AWAY)
  3. Brooke Hansen

Snowboard Boys

  1. Txema Mazet Brown
  2. Oscar Georgalli
  3. Cam Melville Ives

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