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Pre North Island Primary & Intermediate School Champs

Saturday night saw a huge amount of competitors take to the slope to get in some pre-race practice to hone their final skills before NIPs take place at the end of the month. It was great to see all ages out on the slope having a great time.

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Male Results – SKI

YEAR 1 – 4
1st Cooper Arkell
2nd Tom Pilkington
3rd Lucas Qu

YEAR 5 – 6
1st Hugo Morganti
2nd Ralph Farrands
3rd Oskar Masfen

YEAR 7 & 8
1st Andre England
2nd Cam Moverley
3rd Alexander Kidd

YEAR 9 +
1st Caleb Dobson
2nd Sebastian Batty
3rd Fergus Macleod

Female Results – SKI

YEAR 1 – 4
1st Eloise Voss
2nd Deonna Qu
3rd Kate Hutchinson

YEAR 5 – 6
1st Phoebe Dobson
2nd Isabel Norris-Clark
3rd Francesca Batty

YEAR 7 & 8
1st Claudia Pilkington
2nd Amy Miller
3rd Mia Douglas

YEAR 9 +
1st Billie Partington
2nd Chloe Browne
3rd Annabel Hutchinson

Male Results – SNOWBOARD

YEAR 5 – 6
1st Liam Rowe

YEAR 7 – 8
1st Lucian Martin

YEAR 9 +
1st Jordan Rudgley
2nd Zach Dobson

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