Monday 23rd December onwards – 10ft Jump from 26th

Terrain Park

Park Features:

  • Box #1 Cannon (Easy) 
  • 10ft Jump (Intermediate)  *The jump will go in on 26th Dec
  • Donkey Rail (Difficult)
  • Butter Box (Easy)
  • PVC Waterfall (Difficult)
  • C Box, Ride-on (Intermediate) 
  • Wall Ride (Intermediate – Difficult)

Helmets are compulsory for all skiers and snowboarders in the Snow Dome.

If you do not have a helmet, you must hire one for $6.

In addition to all Snow Pass prices (including Combos), you may also need a Snowplanet RFID card to access the lifts and ski mat in the Snow Dome.A deposit of $6 is charged for this RFID card.Please keep the card for future use or return it for a full refund.

We encourage you to buy online to avoid queues when paying; otherwise you can purchase your ticket at Snowplanet on arrival.

Comments & feedback.

We would like your constructive feedback on this terrain park so that we can make any changes that we see fit. Popular terrain parks may be repeated at another date.