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365 Race Series Event 2

Race two results of the five part 2019 series.

Congratulations to all those who participated it was great to see you all out enjoying the start of the season.


See below for full results!

Saturday 8th June 2019
Snowplanet Northern Slope Temperature: – 4C
Chief of Race: Michelle Simpson
Time Keeper: Duane Barakat

Under 8 Girls SKI (Year of birth: 2012 & earlier)

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
122Bella Bradley25.9326.9052.83
227Lola Bagnall34.5036.1870.68
325Amelia Huang35.9237.3973.31
21Angela LiuDQDQDQ
23Rachel NelsonDQ36.63DQ
24Emily PengDQ27.40DQ

Under 8 Boys SKI (Year of birth: 2012 & earlier)

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
136Ryan Tai33.0033.4966.49
238William Peng35.8536.6872.53
332Jimmy Sutton34.5947.5382.12
31Haohao ChenDQ30.77DQ
33Ethan Tang27.55DQDQ
35Daniel WangDQDQDQ
37Louis McEwanDQ35.77DQ
39Yee ZhaoDQ27.42DQ

Under 10 Girls SKI (Year of birth: 2011-2010)

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
11Ava Bradley23.0123.4146.42
22Anna O’Reilly24.5426.5351.07
36Holly Tongue25.5525.6251.17
44Lottie King25.2327.1352.36
53Hannah Nelson27.4128.9556.36
5Anna YuanDQ24.67DQ
7Leila Barber32.79DQDQ

Under 10 Boys SKI (Year of birth: 2011-2010)

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
141Dina Ehsankya18.8820.4339.31
244Chyna Bentley23.0625.3948.45
343India Lynch-McEwan23.6326.0749.70
442India King26.4427.8354.27
45Dulcie Roberts32.20DNFDQ

Under 12 Girls SKI (Year of birth: 2009-2008)

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
115Kingsley Chen22.9924.9547.94
217Elvin Wang24.1526.2050.35
318Henry Wang24.7026.7551.45
416Jack Bentley25.1527.7752.92
11Brody Hollinger25.15DQDQ
12Zack DunphyDQ29.47DQ
13Owen TongDQ30.60DQ
14Eugene WangDQ26.27DQ
19Aidan Hao22.97DNFDQ

Under 12 Boys SKI (Year of birth: 2009-2008)

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
159Jack Wilson19.8020.5140.31
248Cameron Barrett19.6221.0540.67
356Cooper Arkell20.3921.1941.58
450Keen Leung23.2024.9648.16
552Jamie Bargery25.8226.8352.65
649Adam Hu26.1626.5752.73
753Max Sutton26.5426.2352.77
54Huntly BarwickDQ29.95DQ
55Oscar Chesterman20.87DNSDQ
57Matthew SiatrasDQ26.77DQ
58Reuben AdyeDNF24.30DQ
60Samuel JiDQ23.97DQ

Under 14 Girls SKI (Year of birth: 2007-2006)

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
166Maisy Bonham22.9924.6747.66
265Phoebe Dobson23.3724.3047.67
361Scarlett King24.7725.9850.75
462Tayla Coplestone25.4626.8552.31
563Carmen Selby28.5028.8157.31
664Alanah Barwick28.3829.1057.48
768Samantha Holdsworth30.6431.0161.65

Under 14 Boys SKI (Year of birth: 2007-2006)

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
173Andre England18.0118.4536.46
274Hugo Morganti20.0721.4441.51
376Christian French21.3523.1944.54
479Oscar Masfen21.9924.0546.04
577Oscar McMillan23.7226.3750.09
75Ryan GaoDQ30.37DQ
78Jack WoodheadDQ23.09DQ

Under 16 Girls SKI (Year of birth: 2005-2004)

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
181Hana Ehsankya18.9920.5839.57
284Nadia Hobman23.4125.0048.41
82Lily BonhamDQ23.02DQ
83Amy MillerDQ22.83DQ

Under 16 Boys SKI (Year of birth: 2005-2004)

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
190Cameron Moverley19.8920.7140.60

Masters Womens SKI

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
1F56Debbie Nelson27.8030.0157.81

Masters Mens SKI

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
1F27Stewart Lomax19.5621.0640.62
2F12Chris Miller19.8320.8240.65

Open Womens SNB

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
1F5Isla Brown30.9431.2862.22

Open Mens SNB

RankBib #NameRun 1Run 2Total
1F46Jordan Tran33.2832.3165.59

Overall Female Handicap Results

RankBibNameAge GroupTime– HandicapHandicap TimePoints
173Andre EnglandUnder 1436.462.9733.4910
259Jack WilsonUnder 1240.315.6034.719
348Cameron BarrettUnder 1240.675.6035.078
456Cooper ArkellUnder 1241.585.6035.987
5F27Stewart LomaxMasters40.622.9837.646
6F12Chris MillerMasters40.652.9837.675
774Hugo MorgantiUnder 1441.512.9738.544
890Cameron MoverleyUnder 1640.600.7639.843
915Kingsley ChenUnder 1047.947.8740.072
1076Christian FrenchUnder 1444.542.9741.571
1117Elvin WangUnder 1050.357.8742.48
1250Keen LeungUnder 1248.165.6042.56
1379Oscar MasfenUnder 1446.042.9743.07
1418Henry WangUnder 1051.457.8743.58
1516Jack BentleyUnder 1052.927.8745.05
1652Jamie BargeryUnder 1252.655.6047.05
1777Oscar McMillanUnder 1450.092.9747.12
1849Adam HuUnder 1252.735.6047.13
1953Max SuttonUnder 1252.775.6047.17
2036Ryan TaiUnder 866.4913.6152.88
2138William PengUnder 872.5313.6158.92
2232Jimmy SuttonUnder 882.1213.6168.51
31Haohao ChenUnder 8DQ13.61
33Ethan TangUnder 8DQ13.61
35Daniel WangUnder 8DQ13.61
37Louis McEwanUnder 8DQ13.61
39Yee ZhaoUnder 8DQ13.61
11Brody HollingerUnder 10DQ7.87
12Zack DunphyUnder 10DQ7.87
13Owen TongUnder 10DQ7.87
14Eugene WangUnder 10DQ7.87
19Aidan HaoUnder 10DQ7.87
54Huntly BarwickUnder 12DQ5.60
55Oscar ChestermanUnder 12DQ5.60
57Matthew SiatrasUnder 12DQ5.60
58Reuben AdyeUnder 12DQ5.60
60Samuel JiUnder 12DQ5.60
75Ryan GaoUnder 14DQ2.97
78Jack WoodheadUnder 14DQ2.97

Overall Male Handicap Results

RankBibNameAge GroupTime– HandicapHandicap TimePoints
141Dina EhsankyaUnder 1239.315.6033.7110
21Ava BradleyUnder 1046.427.8738.559
381Hana EhsankyaUnder 1639.570.7638.818
422Bella BradleyUnder 852.8313.6139.227
544Chyna BentleyUnder 1248.455.6042.856
62Anna O’ReillyUnder 1051.077.8743.205
76Holly TongueUnder 1051.177.8743.304
843India Lynch-McEwanUnder 1249.705.6044.103
94Lottie KingUnder 1052.367.8744.492
1066Maisy BonhamUnder 1447.662.9744.691
1165Phoebe DobsonUnder 1447.672.9744.70
1284Nadia HobmanUnder 1648.410.7647.65
1361Scarlett KingUnder 1450.752.9747.78
143Hannah NelsonUnder 1056.367.8748.49
1542India KingUnder 1254.275.6048.67
1662Tayla CoplestoneUnder 1452.312.9749.34
1763Carmen SelbyUnder 1457.312.9754.34
1864Alanah BarwickUnder 1457.482.9754.51
19F56Debbie NelsonMasters57.812.9854.83
2027Lola BagnallUnder 870.6813.6157.07
2168Samantha HoldsworthUnder 1461.652.9758.68
2225Amelia HuangUnder 873.3113.6159.70
21Angela LiuUnder 8DQ13.61DQ
23Rachel NelsonUnder 8DQ13.61DQ
24Emily PengUnder 8DQ13.61DQ
5Anna YuanUnder 10DQ7.87DQ
7Leila BarberUnder 10DQ7.87DQ
45Dulcie RobertsUnder 12DQ5.60DQ
82Lily BonhamUnder 16DQ0.76DQ
83Amy MillerUnder 16DQ0.76DQ
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